Kristin & Boogie

“We’re giving back to FSD, but we’re also getting so much in return. We love raising puppies, and we don’t plan on stopping,” says FSD client and puppy raiser, Kristin.

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Thomas & Valor

Thomas is a U.S. Navy veteran with a career spanning over two decades, including deployments to Iraq and the Global War on Terror. His faithful— and aptly named—service dog Valor is a constant source of support, aiding him with his PTSD, mobility issues, and hearing challenges. Valor is trained to retrieve items, create space in crowded environments, and nudge Thomas to bring him back to the present moment.

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Josh & Champion

Ménière’s disease drastically changed Josh’s life by ending his military career and claiming part of his independence. After decades of dutiful service in the military, he faced an incurable diagnosis that impacted his future, confidence, and family.   Upon being discharged from the military due to his diagnosis, Josh shared, “I joined the military when I…

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Top-dog volunteer

Julie has dedicated over 13 volunteer years to FSD and considers herself a dog person with a passion for making a difference.

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Tim & Cypress

As a U.S. Army and National Guard veteran, Tim has received counseling and medication from the VA to address his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and sense of unworthiness around the veteran community. Today, thanks to his Freedom Service Dog, Cypress, Tim says he is experiencing positive changes in his life. “I feel like some of my PTSD symptoms are becoming manageable or at least tolerable, and I look forward to the future.”

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Volunteer duo digs driving with dogs

Laura and Mike Dennis have always enjoyed making road trips, and since 2022, they have put their love of the highway to good use as FSD transport volunteers. Mike and Laura ferry puppies and dogs on travels within Colorado and to other states with their English bulldog, Diesel, along for the ride. Says Mike, “We are a retired military family, and we enjoy supporting the Freedom Service Dogs mission; it is important to us.”

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Ezra & Gadget

Ezra and his service dog, Gadget, graduated from FSD in December 2021, and both Ezra (now 14 years old) and his mother, Amy, spoke at our 2022 graduation ceremony. Amy recounted the history of Ezra’s lifelong challenges with autism and epilepsy, as well as the search for answers and support for her son. She called her speech “A Boy and His Dog: Chapter 1.”

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Mama dogs are the heart of FSD

While our adorable puppies often steal the spotlight and our highly skilled service dogs carry out our mission, it’s the mama dogs at FSD that are the heart of our organization.

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Good vibrations: Volunteers soothe dogs with singing bowls

Twice a month, Helen and Cal come to Freedom Service Dogs with Tibetan singing bowls in their bags, healing in their hands, and love in their hearts. As part of our canine enrichment program, these talented and devoted volunteers bring soothing sounds and relaxing energy work to our puppies and dogs.

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