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The clients we serve include children, veterans and active-duty military, and other adults.

Their disabilities include autism, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and post-traumatic stress (PTS).


Since being founded in 1987, Freedom Service Dogs has paired hundreds of client-dog teams at NO cost to the client.


Our dogs are trained to perform as many as 65 cues that help people live more independent lives.

We rely on charitable donations to provide a lifetime of support to our clients and their service dogs at no cost


Your donation fuels our success. It’s tax deductible, responsibly spent, and deeply appreciated.

Client-Dog Teams

There are three types of FSD client-dog teams.

  1. Service dog teams
  2. Skilled companion teams
  3. Professional therapy teams
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Dog Career Paths

There are several career paths that dogs may pursue with FSD.

  1. Service dog
  2. Skilled companion
  3. Therapy dog
  4. Family pet (adoption)
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We offer several programs to suit a variety of needs.

We have unique programs that serve children with autism, veterans and active-duty military, and other adults with disabilities.

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“Pastel has given me back feelings I thought were gone for good, a sense of independence that I didn't think possible, and the companionship I had been missing since overseas. Having a service dog has done more for me in two years than medications and therapy sessions combined had done in the three years prior, and the only side effect has been a little more fur in my life.”


a Marine veteran was matched with his service dog Pastel in 2016

“Brogue has gotten me to try new things I never would have thought of. He gets me out of my apartment and keeps me active. He has expanded my world.”


Matched with his service dog, Brogue, in 2014

“Since Tico joined our family last July, words cannot express the calm he has brought to this family. Each time a tantrum begins, Tico is a little more responsive to Lukas’ needs, and their bond continues to grow daily. He is a cherished member of the family, and his bond with Lukas will be instrumental for Lukas’ continuing progress. He is revered by all of us for his ability to reach through to Lukas in a way none of us can. As any special-needs parent will question if they are doing all they can do for their child, we take pride in knowing we have—and Freedom Service Dogs of America made it all possible.”

Stefan, Father of Lukas

who was matched with his service dog, Tico, in 2017

“Decker has opened my world for me. I used to be afraid to leave my house because of all the people I would come into contact with, but Decker protects my space and makes me feel safe. He keeps me balanced while walking so I don’t have to use my walker or four-wheeled cart. Each night, I look Decker in the eyes and explain how thankful I am for him.”


An Army Veteran, was matched with her service dog, Decker, in 2014