Meet our newest graduates: February 2024

Join us in celebrating our newest graduating teams! During the month of February, these dedicated teams spent two weeks at the FSD facility bonding, gaining important dog-handling skills, attending outings in the community, and practicing their custom cues.

Read more and join us in celebrating these hardworking teams as they embark on an exciting new chapter together!

Christy & Havok

Christy is the director of a community center in Utah that assists individuals experiencing homelessness in job searching, housing, childcare, food assistance, and more. She was partnered with FSD Professional Therapy Dog Havok, a charming golden retriever with boundless affection, to provide comfort and joy to Christy’s clients and colleagues. Havok will accompany Christy during walk-and-talk sessions, lend an ear while young clients read, provide comfort during stressful intake appointments, and offer daily support as needed. Passionate about her role and community, Christy is eager to spread joy around the center with Havok by her side.

David & Macaroni

David is a friendly and kind-hearted man living with Tay-Sachs disease and paralysis. He is very active in his church and is passionate about making 3D animation drawings and watching movies with his friends. With the support of his loving family and church community, David traveled to Colorado to meet his new best friend and ultimate wingman, FSD Service Dog Macaroni. Macaroni assists David at home and at his job at Walmart by retrieving dropped items, pulling up David’s bed covers, opening doors, and helping him maintain his independence. This team is sponsored by Dr. Marty Pets.

Teresa & Chipotle

U.S. Army veteran Theresa is an environmental engineer living with PTSD. An active advocate for veteran resources and support programs, Teresa was partnered with FSD Service Dog Chipotle. Chipotle assists Teresa by interrupting night terrors, creating space in crowds, retrieving dropped items, performing deep pressure therapy, and providing comfort in stressful public situations. Devoted to her partner and their fur babies, Teresa is excited for Chipotle to accompany them on long hikes, cruises, and farmers markets. This team is sponsored by the International Association of Drilling Contractors Denver Chapter.

Kiya & Cinema

Kiya is a vivacious young woman living with quadriplegia and paralysis. When she’s not working at her job as an IRS tax agent, Kiya enjoys playing video games, going to Comicon and the Renaissance Fair with her partner, and spending time with her beloved cats, Lady and Licorice. Kiya was partnered with FSD Service Dog Cinema, a petite yet outgoing Labrador retriever who shares Kiya’s zest for life. Cinema assists Kiya by opening doors, retrieving dropped items, creating space in crowds, providing comfort during stressful situations, and helping her gain more independence and confidence. Already the best of friends, Kiya looks forward to exploring the world with Cinema by her side. This team is sponsored by Dr. Marty Pets.

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