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Need a break? A smile? An awww-inspiring moment in your day? Pup-O-Vision is here for you! FSD’s Pup-O-Vision features our tiniest service dog hopefuls doing what they do best: being precocious, precious puppies. But these particular pups are doing much more than acting cute and taking naps. Every day, they’re learning and developing, both physically and mentally, in ways specially designed to help them grow up into life-changing service dogs. So go ahead: Binge watch our babies, and check back regularly for more cuteness—we promise you’ll feel better!

During this difficult time, it’s been a breath of fresh air to greet the next generation of Freedom Service Dogs. Your generous support for these sweet puppies—and others on the way—will ensure that we can continue providing custom-trained service dogs to veterans, children, and other adults with disabilities, far into the future.

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