Meet Silas.

He’s from Texas, y’all.

Get to know our featured service dog in training

Name: Silas

Nickname: Smile-us, Sy-Sy, Lass

Breed: Pointer/pitty mix

Source: Silas came from Starmark Animal Behavior Center, which got him from Living Love Animal Rescue, both in Texas. Starmark takes in shelter dogs, trains them, and adopts them out.

Identifying feature: The brown spot on the tip-top of his head.

Silliest habit: Using his puppy dog eyes to try and persuade you to let him up on furniture.

Personality: Silas is an eager-to-please, exuberant boy who just wants to give his whole heart to one person. He is incredibly loyal, loves treats, and is very responsive to people’s emotions.

Best quality: When Silas chooses a person to love, he loves them unconditionally and bonds very hard to them.

Second-best quality: He’s a quick learner who tries really hard to do the right thing.

Favorite command: “Lap.” Silas likes to try and put all four paws in your lap instead of just two!

Happiest moment: His matching meeting with his “forever person.” Silas climbed right onto his lap and at that moment, no one else mattered.

Future outlook: Silas just started his Operation Full Circle (OFC) placement with his new person, a young veteran who is looking forward to having a battle buddy to help him with his post-traumatic stress.

Quote from Silas: “I’ve learned everything I need! I’m ready to take on the world!”

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