Volunteer Spotlight: Meredith Corey

“Volunteering for FSD gives me the opportunity to help give back to my community and my country in a way that I am very passionate about: through the goodness of dogs,” says FSD foster volunteer and puppy sitter Meredith Corey. “Watching these adorable pups grow into mature, life-changing service dogs for those in need, and then seeing the bond between the dogs and their new handlers, brings me so much joy.”

Meredith and her husband were puppy raisers for a service dog organization in Oregon before moving to Colorado. Feeling that something was missing from their lives and wanting to get involved with service dogs again, the couple discovered that FSD was conveniently located right down the street from their first apartment. Says Meredith, “We quickly fell in love with FSD and what the organization stands for. We are so thankful that we found such an incredible program made up of such kind, wonderful staff and volunteers. Every person and puppy that we have gotten to know through FSD has impacted our lives in such a positive way, and we feel grateful for each and every one of them.”

So far, they have been long-term fosters for FSD grads Nimbus and Tater during their service dog training, and they recently adopted Sonoma, an FSD career-change dog they had been fostering. Meredith and her husband also serve as occasional puppy sitters for FSD’s puppy-raising program. “We have had many FSD pups from the program come and go in our home, and we have fallen in love with every single one of them,” says Meredith. “I don’t think we could possibly pick a favorite, but Nimbus definitely has a special spot in our hearts, as he was an absolute angel and the first FSD dog that we created a bond with. Go, Team Kim & Nimbus!”

FSD is always seeking volunteer puppy raisers, weekend fosters for adult dogs that need a break from the kennels, and puppy sitters to relieve our puppy raisers. To learn more about all these opportunities, visit https://freedomservicedogs.org/volunteer/.

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