The Furry Artists of FSD

We’re excited to introduce four of our newest service dogs in training: Beethoven, Monet, Mozart, and Picasso. They’re littermates named for famous visual and musical artists by Margo and Dean Fiala, who are generous FSD supporters, foster volunteers, and Forever Freedom Legacy Society members. These handsome boys are working hard to someday steal the “arts” of our clients! 


Just like his namesake, Beethoven is an extremely distinguished gentleman! The largest of the litter, Beethoven is also the leader of the pack. Not only does he have outstanding leadership skills at his young age, but he also rocks his service dog vest! When he’s not working, Beethoven enjoys grappling with his brothers, playing, and cuddling. But don’t be fooled by his tough exterior; this guy is a softie at heart with a great sense of humor and gentle demeanor!


Taking a cue from the original Monet’s famous paintings, our Monet is a gentle and peaceful puppy. A little quieter and more reserved than his rambunctious siblings, Monet makes an impression as an independent and critical thinker. This intelligent family man is a napping connoisseur who loves sleeping in the strangest positions. He is also a fan of cuddling and new toys. A very curious young pup, Monet is sure to do great things!


A guaranteed crowd pleaser, Mozart brings beauty and brains to the table. Mozart arguably has the most stunning eyes you’ll ever see, but his good qualities don’t stop there! He is fond of sleeping, wrestling, and crawling into warm laps. Like all our furry artist pups, Mozart is confident and brave, as well as smart, playful, and affectionate. He enjoys exploring and learning new things, which are qualities we look for in all of our service dogs.


Picasso started out life on the right paw! He is a friendly, bright puppy who adores people and loves to be the center of attention. As if his droopy eyes aren’t cute enough, his affinity for belly rubs is truly aww-inspiring. Picasso loves spending time with his friends (both human and canine) and falling asleep in giant cuddle puddles.

We need help raising puppies like Beethoven, Monet, Mozart, and Picasso! If you live in Colorado, please contact FSD Volunteer Coordinator Hannah Perruccio at [email protected] to learn more about this fun and fulfilling volunteer opportunity!

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