Meet Tootsie.

She’s a treat!

Get to know our featured dog in training

Nickname: Tootsie Roll, Toots

Breed: Mixed

Source: Tootsie (originally named Peaches) was relinquished to the Dumb Friends League Buddy Center because her family was moving and couldn’t keep her.

Identifying feature: Beautiful ice-blue eyes and six toes on each of her back paws!

Personality: Curious, high-energy loveball!

Superpower: Piercing your soul with her eyes.

Silliest habit: Sitting for everything (it’s been highly reinforced).

Favorite cue: “Tug”

Favorite thing she’s learning: Going on outings is new and exciting, and she loves exploring new places and learning how to be calm in them.

Habit that needs working on: Jumping—she is very happy to see people!

Best quality: Very sweet soul, fast learner.

Happiest moment: Any time we’re practicing skills interspersed with playing.

Quote from Tootsie: “Let’s have some fun and then cuddle!”

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