Meet our newest graduates: April 2024

We are excited to announce the newest Freedom Service Dogs graduates! These teams recently spent two weeks at the FSD facility where they bonded with their new furry companions, went on group outings with our skilled FSD trainers, and practiced the custom cues each dog learned to meet their unique needs.

Before celebrating the end of placement class and embarking on their new adventures together, the service dog teams completed their Assistance Dogs International (ADI) Public Access Certification Test to ensure both dog and handler are comfortable working together in a public setting. The FSD Professional Therapy Dog team also completed the Therapy Dog Team Evaluation to assess how the team works together and if the dog is appropriate for therapy dog work.

Read more and join us in congratulating these incredible teams!

Miles & Ravioli

Miles is a playful and outgoing young boy living with Spastic Triplegic Cerebral Palsy. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, visiting the zoo and aquarium, and attending community events. Miles was matched with FSD Service Dog Ravioli, who shares Miles’s vibrant and fun spirit. Ravioli helps Miles gain independence and confidence by interrupting anxious behaviors, providing deep pressure therapy, retrieving dropped items, opening doors, and more. “Ravioli is not just a service dog but the perfect match for Miles, bringing joy, companionship, and assistance into his life,” shares Miles’s parents, Lauren and Richard. This team was sponsored by Christine Duca.

Sean & Cooper

Sean is an investigator for the Isanti County Sherrif’s Office in Minnesota. FSD Professional Therapy Dog Cooper (formerly known as Guppy) will work alongside Sean to provide comfort and a communication bridge with Sean’s coworkers and members of the community in crisis during tragedies, at large community gatherings, and more. He will also serve as a grounding presence and help build confidence in victims who have a difficult time testifying in court. When they’re off the clock, Sean looks forward to camping, going for walks, and attending family and neighborhood get-togethers with Cooper by his side. This team was sponsored by Reece Duca.

Theresa & Acacia

Kind and good-humored, Sadie is a young woman living with autism. FSD Service Dog Acacia assists Sadie by interrupting anxious behaviors, performing deep pressure therapy, and providing plenty of comfort and love. When Sadie isn’t working at her job in a counseling office, she enjoys spending time with her cat, horseback riding, visiting parks and museums, and going to restaurants.

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