John & Rudy


Meet John and Rudy. They have been a team for one year, and during that time, Rudy has improved John’s life in so many ways, giving him a new sense of freedom, and as an added bonus, a constant companion.

Before John was diagnosed with MS, he was an outdoor enthusiast, and loved walking, hiking, backpacking, and playing golf. Not being able to do the things he enjoyed most was a tough adjustment for John. But then, along came Rudy, and as John puts it, “He put a spring in my step and got me moving again. I am so grateful to have in my life.”

Nowadays, Rudy goes everywhere John goes, and performs a variety of tasks, such as bringing him his shoes, the TV remote, and items that are dropped. Rudy walks beside John when he drives his scooter outside and in stores, allowing him to be more active again, and enjoy the great outdoors. John has found Rudy to be so much more than a service dog, and as he says, “Not only have I received a great asset for me and my disability, I have also gained a loyal friend who lifts my spirits.”


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