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The clients we serve include veterans and active-duty military, first responders, children, and other adults from across the country.

Our clients live with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), autism, and mobility challenges resulting from cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, spinal cord injuries, stroke, and traumatic brain injury.

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Since being founded in 1987, Freedom Service Dogs has paired hundreds of client-dog teams at NO cost to the client.


Our dogs are trained to perform as many as 65 cues that help people live more independent lives.

We rely on charitable donations to provide a lifetime of support to our clients and their service dogs at no cost.


Your donation fuels our success. It’s tax deductible, responsibly spent, and deeply appreciated.


Get your daily dose of inspiration from these stories of our amazing teams. 

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Our programs serve veterans and first responders with PTSD, adults with mobility challenges, and children with autism.

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We have a variety of fun and fulfilling ways to make a difference for our dogs and clients.

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“With Cayenne it's like I can breathe again, knowing she is there and that she has my back. My confidence has increased, and I trust that when I stumble, she is there. I am not as hypervigilant as I was, and my anxiety has been dramatically reduced. I feel a sense of calm that I haven’t felt in many years, and I am so grateful. With Cayenne at my side, I can continue to support other veterans such as myself and know they won’t be left behind."


U.S. Navy veteran, who graduated with service dog, Cayenne, in 2021

“Bea enhances Max’s life in so many ways. She is his friend, companion, confidant, sleeping buddy, partner in crime, bad-dream eater, and conversation starter. Bea allows Max to talk without speaking; he meets people wherever he goes because he likes to show her off. She has made our life with Max easier and more complete. I tell everyone that Bea is an angel sent from Heaven!”

Brenna, Mother of Max

who graduated with service dog, Bea, in 2017

"Champ has become more than a service dog to me. He has become my wingman, my loyal companion, and my ‘furever’ best friend. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I will forever be grateful to Freedom Service Dogs and their mission, as they provided me with a well-mannered, well-trained service dog who has allowed me to enjoy life again. Veterans have provided the nation with a sense of security and peace of mind; Freedom Service Dogs reciprocates that feeling to the veterans they serve.


U.S. Air Force veteran, who graduated with service dog, Champion, in 2020
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"London is a great conversation starter to bring people into the realm of the disability culture. I’m not stared at as a human liability. People don’t question what’s wrong with me. They become comfortable with seeing me as a unique individual with a unique way of dealing with the world with a unique—and cute!—dog. To London, life is one big game, and I am learning to play it as her best buddy.”


who graduated with service dog, London, in 2019
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"Having Mentor in my life has given me the ability to step out of my cage that I've labeled PTSD and walk back into the world. He watches my back like the teammates before him, and he allows me to live in their memory and keep their stories alive."


U.S. Air Force veteran, who graduated with service dog, Mentor, in 2020