Meet Blue Jay

He’s a kisser.
Get to know our featured dog in training

Name: Blue Jay

Nickname: Blue Buddy

Breed: Labradoodle

Identifying feature: His sweet eyes and boyish expression

Personality: Very sweet and mannerly, but always ready to play at a moment’s notice!

Superpower: Engaging any dog in play (helping shy dogs build social skills)

Silliest habit: Jumping into heel position

Favorite thing he’s learning: “Kiss”

Favorite cue: Heel

Best quality: Innocent optimism

Happiest moment: Playing ‘bitey face’ with his friend Suzy Q during play groups

Favorite bird: Lark bunting

Future outlook: Potential for neurocognitive or mobility service dog roles (or hybrid)

Quote from Blue Jay: “Excuse me, would you like to be best friends?”

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