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Donation Drives and 3rd Party Fundraisers

Donation drives and third-party fundraisers are a great option for folks who want to be involved with Freedom Service Dogs, but are unable to volunteer regularly.

What is a donation drive and/or a third-party fundraiser?

A donation drive is run by a person/ group of persons for the purpose of collecting highly desired items off of our wish list. This list includes frequently used items (toys, crates, chewies, cleaners, etc.), gift cards, and “dream” items (computers, cleaning equipment, etc.). Donation drives are a hit with both younger and older folk alike- after all, how cool is it to gather a heap of items and know that they’ll be put to good use?!

A third-party fundraiser is held by an organization or individual that wishes to hold a promotion, event, or sale to benefit Freedom Service Dogs. Very frequently, monetary donations are generated by third-party fundraisers. These are fun because they allow for creativity and having a good time for a great cause.

How does Freedom Service Dogs support donation drives and/or third-party fundraisers?

Freedom Service Dogs is always happy to advertise your donation drive/third-party fundraiser on our website, social media, and newsletter (if applicable). Unfortunately, we are unable to provide volunteers for third-party fundraisers, nor can we provide any money-processing equipment like Squares, cash boxes, and so on.

This sounds like a great option for me! Who do I need to contact?

Yay! Please contact Nadine Pace at npace@freedomservicedogs.org  to get things going. We appreciate your support in this very special way!

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