For people with disabilities, a custom-trained assistance dog from FSD can open the door to new possibilities. Instead of a life limited by difficulties, fears, and frustrations over what they cannot do, our clients and their service dogs discover all they are capable of doing—together. With their service dog at their side, FSD clients regain lost independence and feel more comfortable in crowds. They learn to reconnect with loved ones and take on challenges with confidence. They find that what was once impossible is now possible, and they experience greater self-esteem, happiness, and hope.

Our Dogs

  • Are raised from birth to become assistance dogs
  • Are provided to clients free of charge
  • Receive up to 20 months of training, including custom training to meet the unique needs of each client
  • Can learn 65+ cues to assist with daily living tasks
  • Relieve PTSD symptoms, such as anxiety and hypervigilance
  • Provide a calming presence
  • Retire from assistance dog work when needed
  • Are adopted into loving homes if assistance dog work doesn’t suit them