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Although we try our best to participate in all events, due to the high volume of requests for staff/volunteers/dogs to attend events, we cannot guarantee attendance at your event. Please note that it is more difficult to ensure Freedom Service Dogs attendance if your event is on an evening or weekend.

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- I understand that this is a proposal and is NOT a guarantee that Freedom Service Dogs' staff, volunteers, and/or dogs will have the ability to attend the event. I also understand that the availability of our dogs-in-training may change at the last minute.
- I understand that written approval must be issued by Freedom Service Dogs before event participation can be guaranteed.
- I understand that it may take up to two weeks to be reviewed and approved.
On behalf of Freedom Service Dogs, thank you for your interest in conducting a third-party fundraising event on our behalf. Your support will help us continue to transform lives by partnering people with custom-trained assistance dogs. We look forward to working with you!
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