Freedom Service Dogs enhances the lives of people with disabilities by rescuing dogs & custom training them for individual needs.


Administrative Staff:

Michele Ostrander
, President and CEO
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Jane Boone, Client Relations Director

Erin Conley, Marketing & PR Director

Lindsay Ganassa, Development Director

Marie Giezendanner, Client Relations Manager

Nadine Pace, Development and Events Manager

Laura Rogers, Business Operations Manager

Kerri Stroupe, Volunteer & Court-Ordered Community Service Manager

Sharon Tafoya, Administrative Assistant

Melissa Webb, Grant Coordinator


Dog Operations Staff:

Brianne Corbett, VP of Client Services and Dog Operations

Sarah Galassini, Placement Training Director

Fran Menley, Foundation Training Manager

Stephanie Guild, Animal Health Manager

Chelsea Autrey, Dog Trainer/Adoptions Coordinator

Anne Burgess, Dog Trainer

Michael Connors, Dog Trainer

Kate Dyson, Dog Trainer

Morgan Karol, Dog Trainer

Cathy Kowalski, Dog Trainer

Jessica Cipolla, Dog Caretaker

Anastasia Long, Dog Caretaker

Alyssa Lurcott, Dog Caretaker

Anya Morin, Dog Caretaker

David Neff, Dog Caretaker

Allison Peltier, Dog Trainer

Sierra Weber, Dog Caretaker


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