Meet Willa.

She’ll crack you up.

Get to know our featured dog in training

Nickname: Willabeast, Willa Bean

Breed: Black Labrador retriever

Source: Silver State Service Dogs, a nonprofit organization in Henderson, Nevada, that provides purpose-bred service dogs for people in need, with veterans a priority.

Identifying feature: Otter tail with rotary wag (so-called “otter tails,” which are heavy at the base and tapered at the end, function as a rudder, allowing Labs to maneuver in water when retrieving birds or sticks).

Personality: Sweet, loving, and playful.

Superpower: Makes people laugh and feel joyful.

Silliest habit: Snorts when cuddling and carries stuffed toy in her mouth when excited.

Favorite thing she’s learning: Playgroups are fun, and people give great tummy rubs!

Favorite cue: “All Done,” which means Willa can be released from a “Place” or “Sit/Stay” cue and have some fun!

Best quality: Very loving and affectionate.

Happiest moment: Any time her trainer, Deborah, is interacting with her.

Future outlook: Possible future as a professional therapy dog.

Quote from Willa: “Hold my binky, please, while I snuggle with this lovely person.”


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