Meet Suzy Q

She’s one persistent pooch.

Get to know our featured dog in training

Name: Suzy Q

Breed: Labrador retriever

Source: Project2Heal, an FSD partner that donates purpose-bred dogs to service dog organizations

Trainer: Anne Burgess

Identifying feature: Beautiful blond fur and big brown eyes that gaze at you adoringly

Personality: Excited to work, very treat motivated, happy, enjoys human company, enthusiastic about everything!

Superpower: Keeps trying and never gives up, as long as she has encouragement

Silliest habit: Nose brushes on her trainer’s leg during walks

Favorite cue: “Take” (she loves to pick up water bottles)

Best quality: “Never give up” work ethic

Happiest moment: Running full tilt at the dog park

Future outlook: Potential for neurocognitive or mobility service dog roles (or hybrid)

Quote from Suzy Q: “Excuse me, dog friends, but Anne is mine!” (as Suzy Q jumps on or over dogs Anne is greeting or body-blocks them away from Anne during playtime)

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