Meet Lapis

She’s a gem.

Get to know our featured dog in training

Name: Lapis

Nickname: Laaaaaapis

Breed: Labrador retriever

Source: Career-change dog from Guide Dogs for the Blind

Trainer: Irene Fobe

Identifying feature: Her unique facial and leg markings are the result of a recessive gene, so although Lapis doesn’t look like your typical Lab, she is 100% Lab!

Personality: Lapis is so wiggly and loves to work. She is always ready for a challenge!

Superpower: Resting her head on your lap and holding it there.

Silliest habit: Picking up a toy to greet you when you come to her kennel.

Best quality: Lapis is very in touch with her handler and doesn’t take her eyes off Irene during training sessions.

Happiest moment: Playing tug with her friends Sonoma and Windy in the play yards.

Future outlook: Lapis could be great for a neurocognitive client since she is so checked in to her handler and offers wonderful, deep pressure by resting her head in people’s laps.

Quote from Lapis: “Please don’t distract me, I’m working.”

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