Meet Alfredo.

He’s a Labradork! 

Get to know our featured dog in training


Nickname: Fredo, Saucy Alfredo, Alfie

Breed: Labrador retriever

Source:  Guide Dogs for the Blind in San Rafael, California

Identifying feature: Long, model-esque legs paired with soulful brown eyes

Personality: Total Labradork

Superpower: Using other dogs as hurdles in play group

Silliest habit: Leaping back and forth with joy in his kennel when breakfast or dinner is being served, or when his trainer is coming to work with him

Favorite thing he’s learning: Front, a cue used to create space in front of a client in crowds

Favorite cue: “Hurry”

Best quality: Extremely smart, fun, and handsome—the full package!

Happiest moment: Going to FSD’s Doggie Plunge! It was amazing!

Future outlook:Keeping my veteran client happy and helping them get out in the world more so I can show them how awesome it is!

Quote from Alfredo: “Let’s have some fun!”




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