Adopt Tag!

Tag is an adorable 6-year-old male Lab mix adopted from FSD in 2016.  His previous owner can no longer care for him and recently made the hard decision to surrender him and have FSD help find him a new home.  They previously took Tag on long walks and hikes.  And Tag loved playing with kids, and some dogs.  FSD can facilitate meet and greets with other pet dogs if needed and there is no knowledge of how he would do with cats.

Additionally, his FSD fosters have found him to be a smart, loving, friendly, cuddly, and an over-all well-trained dog.  He has excellent house manners, takes treats nicely and is a good walker as long as there isn’t a bunny in sight.  A harness or transport lead along with lots of treats has been very helpful in curbing these exciting times.  Tag loves being outside!  He hangs out with us on the front porch and enjoys watching the world go by.  He also loves to train and likes learning new tricks.

Apparently, he has struggled with separation anxiety, but his fosters have not experienced that when he was left alone in his crate for short periods.  But because of this potential, he may thrive best with someone who is home much of the time.

He was released from the program in 2016 due to a shoulder abnormality that kept him from being a service dog, but the shoulder hasn’t slowed him down one bit in his role as beloved house pet!  He loves to run. Tag is young at heart and is still an active boy.

Tag is currently on Fluoxetine because he had trouble adjusting to changing circumstances in his previous home. He will continue with this medication through  the adoption process but likely will be able to transition off  after settling in with his new owners.  His previous owner said medication was around $25 per month.  We think he will adjust well in a new home with lots of love and encouragement.

Our priority is finding him the right home as quickly as possible. Due to his age, we have decided not to charge an adoption fee for him. He will also come with an abundance of toys, food, and other supplies that were handed over to us from his previous owner. We don’t typically accept applications from out of state, but we are open to applicants for Tag outside of CO.

If you are interested in opening your heart and home to this sweet pup and giving him a happy life filled with love, please call Cam Goldstein at (303)922-6231 ext. 228 or email [email protected]

Contact Erin Conley at [email protected] for all media inquiries.