Is a service dog right for you?

  • Based on the experience we have gained over FSD’s 32-year history, as well as feedback from hundreds of FSD graduates, we believe it is critical that potential FSD clients understand that having a custom-trained service dog is a serious, long-term responsibility that is not appropriate for every person with a disability.

    For this reason, we have established some basic prerequisites for individuals (or parents applying for their child) who may be interested in applying for an FSD service dog. Please review the following statements designed to help you determine whether or not you should apply for a Freedom Service Dog. If you agree to all of the following statements, please click on the “I Understand and Agree” button at the bottom of this section to continue.

    We appreciate your honest consideration of, and response to, these statements so that FSD can focus our resources on those individuals who qualify for a service dog and are willing to commit to the long-term care and responsibility of having a service dog for many years to come.
    • I can demonstrate that I (or my child) would benefit from the tasks that FSD service dogs are trained to perform. Click to see list of tasks.
    • I have the means, ability, and financial resources to care for a service dog (including feeding, grooming, providing regular veterinary care, taking on walks, etc.)
    • I believe I can be an effective leader for a service dog. (Feedback from FSD graduates with service dog-handler responsibilities in public settings suggest that the ability to consistently deliver positive-reinforcement food treats and give animated verbal praise are critical for developing successful service dog teams.)
    • I will take on the responsibility of providing brief updates (monthly reports and annual reports) to Freedom Service Dogs after I receive my service dog.
    • I understand that having a service dog is a big lifestyle change and commitment. At this time, I believe that I (and others in my household, if applicable) am/are ready for this kind of change and commitment.
  • Once you click submit, you will be automatically redirected to the service dog pre-application checklist.