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Puppies prepping for prison training program

Mochi came to Freedom Service Dogs after one of our rescue partners, Luvin’ Labs, contacted us about a special case: a recently arrived female Labrador who was pregnant. Knowing that FSD would provide exceptional care to the canine family—and that we are always in need of promising service dog candidates for our clients—they entrusted us with Mochi. We immediately placed her with a foster volunteer who has extensive experience in caring for mommas and babies, and in late March, Mochi gave birth to four adorable Labs that are as healthy—and hungry!—as can be.

At FSD, we typically only accept dogs 1 to 2 years old for training—but Mochi’s pups are blank slates, making them prime candidates for potential service dog careers. So we took this opportunity to come to the aid of Mochi and her family while adapting our training model to meet the unique needs of very young puppies.

Their “training” started shortly after birth with exposure to a wide range of smells and experiences to help build their confidence, coordination, and connection with people and other animals. At 8 weeks old, they’ll enter the puppy training program at the Trinidad Correctional Facility in Trinidad, Colorado. FSD has a long-standing, positive partnership with Colorado Correctional Industries’ Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program, which pairs shelter dogs with model inmates who are specially trained and certified dog handlers. The pups will live with their handlers 24/7, learning the life skills they need to be successful service dog candidates.

With FSD’s expertise in prison-based dog training programs and our specially developed protocol for training puppies, we’re excited about the possibilities—both for these pups and for Mochi, who will be evaluated for service dog work after her pups are weaned.

With over 90 veterans, children, and adults with disabilities on our waitlist, it’s vital that we continue to find and train successful service dog candidates. We hope that with training and time, Mochi and her puppies will help us meet this urgent need.

Your support is also vital to the growth and success of our programs at FSD. There are currently more than 90 deserving individuals on our waitlist who desperately need the partnership of their very own Freedom Service Dog. In honor of Mochi and her puppies, please make your most generous gift today to help us continue our life-changing work.

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