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Operation Full Circle

Empowering Veterans to Train Service Dogs


In February 2017, Freedom Service Dogs of America initiated Operation Full Circle (OFC), a program focused on increasing the benefits that service dogs provide to veterans. This program is unique in that it uses a new model to train and place service dogs. Over the course of the year, two groups of five veterans will participate in learning how to train service dogs, and how to use these new skills to help other veterans in need.

The seed money for this pilot project was created from legislation sponsored by Colorado State Representative Landgraf. FSD is partnering with Colorado Department of Human Services, Socrates Foundation, Prison Trained K-9 Companion Program, University of Denver Animal Assisted Social Work program, and others to bring this unique program to fruition.

Veterans participating in Operation Full Circle attend classes conducted by FSD trainers for several months, working with a variety of dogs as they hone their training skills, and are able to be matched with a service dog sooner. Once they have completed the program and graduated, participants are invited to volunteer to help fellow veterans train their service dogs in the OFC program.

We are proud of the success of this new endeavor and excited about the opportunities it will provide for future veterans. For more information about OFC, please contact Veteran Services Coordinator, Bob Neuberger at bneuberger@freedomservicedogs.org or call 303-922-6231.

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