We unleash the potential of dogs by transforming them into custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need.


woman and service dogClient-Dog Teams
We pair a dog with a person living with a disability.  Types of dogs include: service dog, service dog – 3rd party, skilled companion dog and skilled companion dog – 3rd party.

Disco’s Dogs
We provide skilled service dogs for children challenged by disabilities, primarily autism spectrum disorder and developmental disabilities.

Operation Freedom
We’ve partnered with the United States Veterans Administration to help returning military personnel transition back to civilian life using highly specialized service dogs.

Operation Full Circle
This is a unique program in which veterans participate to help train their FSD service dogs. Dogs are placed in the home with the veteran approximately two months sooner than FSD’s traditional training. Participants must be able to attend in-person training sessions at FSD for several months.

Pawsitive Connection
We promote character development in troubled and at-risk youth through effective use of the human-animal connection.

Professional Therapy Dogs
We’ve partnered with the University of Denver Institute for Human/Animal Connection to provide animal-assisted therapy dogs.

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