We unleash the potential of dogs by transforming them into custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need.

Dog Intake Program

Freedom Service Dogs of America collaborates with The Rachael Ray Foundation to fund The Rachael Ray Canine Rescue Recruitment Program at FSD.

The Rachael Ray Canine Rescue Recruitment Program locates and evaluates shelter dogs to find appropriate service dog candidates to assist veterans with post traumatic stress disorder, children on the autism spectrum, and teens and adults with mobility challenges. As a leader in the service dog industry, FSD is one of only a few organizations that train shelter dogs to become assistance dogs. FSD does not use a breeding program because of our commitment to giving shelter and rescue dogs a new leash on life. FSD service dogs can assist with tasks including: waking a veteran from a nightmare; intervening with stimming behaviors for a child with autism; picking up dropped items, opening doors or finding help for individuals with mobility challenges.

The ideal service dog candidate is between one and two years of age, weighing 40 to 100 pounds with a calm temperament and willingness to please. FSD uses positive reinforcement, clicker and treat training so candidates must be food motivated. FSD wants their service dogs to wag when they work, and enjoy their job. The Rachael Ray Canine Rescue Recruitment Program currently works with shelters and rescue groups in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming.

The Rachael Ray Foundation helps homeless pets and animals in need and is funded by a portion of proceeds from each sale of Rachael Ray™ Nutrish® Super Premium Foods and Treats.

For more information about The Rachael Ray Canine Rescue Recruitment Program at Freedom Service Dogs of America, contact Fran Menley at 303-922-6231 x210 or fmenley@freedomservicedogs.org.


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