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Hey, I’m Midas. I’m a sweet 2.5 year-old Akita mix. My favorite activities are playing in water, pulling on the tug rope, and chasing tennis balls. I get a kick out of protecting the yard from squirrels and I get the zoomies when I get excited. My ideal home would be one with older kids […]

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Hey, I’m Skyrim. I’m a 1 year old lab who just wants to find a family that enjoys my puppy shenanigans. I love tearing around the yard, chasing balls, and wiggling into your lap for cuddles. I’m great at keeping the squirrels and rabbits out of your yard. I love to play with other dogs […]

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Hey, I’m Crosby. I’m a goofy 2 year old Shepherd mix. If you are looking for a silly and goofy man, but knows how to settle down, look no further! I like to get the zooms in the yard but once we’re ready for TV, I am snoozing away. My dream home would be one […]

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Hey, I’m Atom. I’m a 1.5 year old male Lab mix. I am a sweet and cuddly little man that loves to give kisses. My dream home is one who enjoys walks, hikes, and all sort of Colorado adventures. I get quite a bit nervous around new dogs and would really like to be the […]

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Hi. My name is Gusto but they also call me Gus Gus, Gus, Gussy Gus and Gustav. I am 3 years old of super sweet and calm (most of the time) male husky pup and really just want to be near you. I really like watching you make things in the kitchen, love squeaky toys […]

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Hey, I’m Milo. I’m about an 8 year old male Chow mix. I have a laid-back personality who loves to stop and smell the roses. Walks are pretty short with me but I do love them! Due to my age, I am looking for a household with children over 12. I love my peace and […]

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