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Love Letters

We asked our clients who have received Freedom Service Dogs to write letters to their service dogs. The response was amazing, and we were so touched by the messages included in the letters. Read one of the many love letters below, and view the video that was inspired by them.


2013 FSD Graduates, Della & Bingo

Dear Bingo,

I can’t imagine my life without you and I can’t imagine what I did before you. Every morning you are right there anxiously waiting to bring me my shoes when I am ready for them and you do it with such exuberance you would think it’s the most important part of the day.

I love how you come running whenever I drop something on the floor.  I don’t even have to ask, you just take whatever it is, and give it to me.  Remember the times when I was in bed and dropped my phone or the bed remote?  I hate to think what might have happened if you hadn’t been there for me.

I love our ice cream breaks in the afternoon after we’ve been in the hot back yard.  You pull that freezer door open with such ease and it’s so cute how quickly you caught on to the fact that the bottom shelf on the door is where your Frosty Paws are.

You look so happy when packages are left at our front door. I think you see it as your mission to get them into the house no matter what shape or size they are.  It amazes me when you do that and the fact that you put them up on a chair or couch so I can reach them is even more amazing.  You will be extremely happy to know Christmas is right around the corner and that means more packages.

I love how everyone wants to talk to me because of you and that adorable face.  I don’t even mind that more people remember your name than mine because you are so special and I am so blessed to have you.

I feel so safe having you with me and I love that you are ALWAYS by my side throughout the day just waiting to help in any way that you can.  I don’t bother with earrings or necklaces anymore because you are my beautiful accessory.

Lots of puppy love & kisses,





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