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“I never thought I’d be in a situation in my life where I would need a service dog. When I started looking into it, I felt I could never afford one. Freedom Service Dogs stood out from the rest and is truly one of a kind. Now that I have Ripple I can say that among other things, he gives me a purpose in life again, a reason to get out of bed and experience life.”

– Retired Military Veteran, Patrick

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Freedom Service Dogs is one of the only organizations in the USA that uses primarily shelter and rescue dogs from shelters, custom trains them for service and provide them to clients at no cost.

Patrick served in the US Army for four years, active duty as an Infantryman. He was medically retired in December 2014 as a Specialist. During that time, he served one combat deployment to The Arghandab River Valley, Afghanistan from May 2011 to May 2012.

He has had his service dog, Ripple, for six months and it has changed Patrick’s life in many ways.

He retrieves items from across the house, specifically his blood pressure monitor (see video). He picks items up that have been dropped and are hard to get, he wakes Patrick up from night terrors and has even started to sense when Patrick is about to have a cardiac episode. Ripple will lay over him so that he cannot move until it passes. If he does experience a cardiac episode, Ripple goes for help. Along with helping with the laundry basket, taking off his shoes and socks and closing the door and turning off the lights (see video), Ripple has made Patrick more active and social, but will also scoot people away from Patrick if they should become too close. Ripple will also divert attention towards himself when he senses Patrick is stressed.

Patrick is happy to say that he is more independent because Ripple does things for him that normally others would have to do. Patrick’s family trusts that he is in good ‘paws’. They know Ripple is taking care of him and they do not have to do as much. They no longer feel they have to check in with him throughout the day, giving them a sense of ease.

Patrick has expressed incredible gratitude to the Freedom Service Dogs team.

“Their hearts and minds are in the right place when it comes to helping clients out. They operate on a personal level, meeting all the client’s needs and expectations. You can tell that everyone working loves what they do and wants nothing more than their clients and service dogs to succeed.”

Sadly, over 50 people are still on a waiting list for a Freedom Service Dog. Your donation today will help us rescue a dog and custom train him for the people patiently waiting on our list.  Won’t you help us free one hero to save another? Your tax-deductible donation will be used immediately to save two lives.

Each of our dogs costs over $30,000 to rescue, house, medically care for, feed and train. We rely solely on the support of the community and receive no help from the government. Your donation today will make a major difference in the lives of our clients and their dogs.

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