Julia & Nakoda

Some of you may remember Julia and Nakoda from Freedom Service Dog’s annual event at the end of last year. They were the recipients of a bedroom make over by IKEA!

Julia was born prematurely and due to complications she ended up with a disability that does have her in a wheelchair full time. She had wanted a service dog for so long. And in March of last year, she got the call from Freedom Service Dogs that would change her life forever. She remembers going to the FSD campus and meeting Nakoda. She says it was love at first sight!

Nakoda retrieves and picks things up for Julia, sometimes needs to open the refrigerator for her – but most importantly, allows her to be more confident and less afraid. She is no longer afraid to sleep alone or to be left in the house alone. She knows that Nakoda is there for her! They even go for long walks together!
Julia now tries to do more things. She may succeed – or she may not – but she’s willing to try because Nakoda loves her no matter what and she knows that. She never shows disappointment in anything Julia does, all she wants is to help and be with her.

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