Who are our adoptable dogs?

Not every dog or puppy in our program will become a fully trained service dog. Those that prefer a different career path enter our adoption program so that we can find them loving homes. Dogs may be released from our training program because they:

  • may not have the qualifications to become a service dog
  • may be timid, easily distracted, or unable to resist chasing the occasional squirrel
  • have X-rays or eye exams indicating they cannot complete service dog certification
  • may require advanced behavior modification.

All dogs that come through our doors receive a second chance at finding their calling in life, whether it’s as a service dog, a family pet, a hiking companion, or a lap warmer. Consider making a difference by adopting one of our wonderful career-change dogs!

Please note that most of our adoptable dogs have not gone through service dog training. They are NOT service dogs. The amount of training they have had varies. To make them successful family pets, behavior modification may be required, and guidance from a professional trainer may be recommended.

How to adopt a career-change dog

Our adoption application is temporarily closed as we are focused on serving those currently on our adoption waitlist. Please be sure to read through all adoption criteria and check back in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!


  1. We are located in Colorado. Freedom Service Dogs does not offer any compensation for travel or lodging if you are out of state. If you do not live in Colorado please don’t submit an application if you can’t travel to Colorado for an adoption meeting at your own expense.
  2. Pet adoption is a 10-15 year commitment. While we know and appreciate your desire to have a companion during these times, please consider how you may feel if your circumstances change. This is a lifetime commitment.
  3. We currently only have 1-2 dogs available for adoption per month. If you are looking to adopt immediately, you may also want to check with local rescues or shelters.

Questions? Contact Hannah Perruccio, Volunteer Manager, at [email protected] 303-922-6231 x201.


We receive an overwhelming number of adoption applications. Due to the volume of applications, we are unable to respond to each one individually. After submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming we have received your application, we will then get you added to our waitlist. We DO NOT adopt our dogs on a first come, first served basis but rather try to match families to available dogs. We will be in contact when we think we have a match for you.