We unleash the potential of dogs by transforming them into custom-trained, life-changing assistance dogs for people in need.



“I sat on the bed getting ready to end my life.  Barrett put his paw on my leg and looked at me like, ‘It’s OK, bro.  I’ve been there myself.’ That night, Barrett saved my life.  PTSD can feel like drinking nine energy drinks and if you have no outlet, life can be overbearing.  Freedom Service Dogs is not just about dogs helping with physical disabilities, it’s about true, ongoing, FREEDOM.”

Joel, veteran client who served multiple tours.  He graduated with Barrett in May of 2012.


“Dublin needed rescuing just as much as I did. We each came to Freedom for different reasons- Dublin was hopefully going to become a service dog and I was going to foster service dogs like Dublin. Dublin got released from the program for different reasons and as I like to call it, that's when a divine connection was breathed into my life- I was able to adopt Dublin. Even though we came for different reasons, we were brought together for the same one - unconditional love and a love of another kind.”

Aimee, adoptive mother of Dublin who may not have become a service dog, but was one of our stars here. Dublin stars in the FSD billboard campaign around Colorado.

Gander on watch

“Since bringing Gander into my life my resting heart rate has been reduced by more than 20 beats per minute, I've been able to stop taking a highly addictive anti-anxiety medication and my friends and my wife say that the positive changes in me are huge. It is like having had an emotional flu: not knowing just how bad you were feeling until you get well. None of us can remember what life was life before Gander who brings great joy and comfort to not just me, but everyone.  Daily, I feel a debt of gratitude toward Freedom Service Dogs. “

Lonnie, Military Veteran.  He graduated with Gander in October of 2012.


"He has become my best friend and given me self confidence. He is also helping my walking. People no longer stare at me because I walk differently.  They now look at me and my dog and smile."

Michael and Fender ( photo taken in 2013)


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