Freedom Service Dogs enhances the lives of people with disabilities by rescuing dogs & custom training them for individual needs.



Hey there, I’m Clipper. I’m a male 1 year old Lab mix who loves to play fetch and tug. If you love to go hiking and I would love to be a part of all your Colorado adventures. Even if they say I’m not quite service dog material, I’ve learn a good amount of commands and […]

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Seanix (2) headshot


Hey! I’m Seanix. I’m a 1.5 year old male lab mix. As if you can’t predict it, I’m a lab that loves his tennis balls. They say I don’t get the concept of fetch but as long as it’s thrown, I love them! I’m pretty cuddly and enjoy my people but I should not live […]

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Moki (2) headshot


Hey, I’m Moki. I’m a 1 and a half year old Lab mix. If you are looking for a cuddle-mate, I’m a good girl for you. I do have a big bark when I am meeting new people or seeing people walk by your home but once I warm up, I’m ready for love. I’m […]

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Carom (1) headshot


Hey, I’m Carom. I’m about a year old Lab mix. I am a sweet and playful lil pup. My training is going pretty great. If I could tell you my favorite things in life, it would likely be cuddling, playing tug, and chasing squirrels. If you couldn’t tell, I really enjoy the water and playing with […]

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Klondike headshot


Hey friends, I’m a 7 year old male Great Pyrenees mix. Despite my age, I’m actually really playful and the sweetest. I come into the room wagging my tail as hard as I can when I see my friends. I just had my dental so my teeth are as clean as a whistle and my fur […]

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