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Hi, I’m Dunny!  I’m a 1.5 year old female lab mix.  I’m super smart and doing great with my basic obedience.  I love being with my people and would like to have somebody of my very own to cuddle!  I do great in play time with the other dogs.  I’m very soft so I’m fun […]


Hi, I’m Tesla!  I’m a 1 year old female Australian Shepherd.  I’m a sweet, fun, bouncy girl!  Sometimes I can be shy of new people.  My bestest friend in the whooooole world is Acorn, and she is also up for adoption, so if you’re possibly looking to get me a playmate she would be a […]


Hi, I’m Acorn!  I’m a 2 year old female shepherd/dobie mix.  I’m very smart and I am working on learning some basic commands.  I like to play fetch and cuddle with people.  My best friend in the whole world is Tesla, and she is adoptable too!  *hint hint*   If you are interested in meeting me […]

Adopted! Remi

Hi, my name is Remi!  I’m a 5 year old lab/golden mix.  I’m good in the house and play well with other dogs.  Sometimes I can be shy around new people.  I’m just a sensitive soul!  If you’re interested in meeting me or just want to find out more about me, please fill out an […]

Adopted! Eastwood

Hi, I’m Eastwood!  I’m a very handsome 1.5 year old boxer mix.  I’m a sweet boy, and I’m tons of fun!  I’m very smart and easy to train.  I play well with other dogs.  If you’re interested in meeting me or just want to find out more about me, please fill out an adoption application.

Adopted! Wag

Hi, I’m Wag!  I’m a 4 year old male lab mix.  I’m large (80lb) but don’t let my size fool you, I’m very gentle and calm.  I do get bursts of energy but who doesn’t?  I can handle living in an apartment just fine.  I’m doing well with my basic obedience, and I’m super easy […]

Adopted! Pretzel

Hi, I’m Pretzel!  I’m a 1.5 year old lab/boxer mix boy.  If you’re looking for an outgoing, friendly guy, then I’m the dog for you! I’m doing very well with my basic commands and I take treats very gently.  I enjoy being brushed and having my belly rubbed.  I’m great in play time with other […]


Hi, my name is Dandy!  I’m a 1.5 year old lab mix boy.  I’m sweet and mellow…I would love to just lean against you and then fall over for a belly rub!  I’m a great cuddler.  Toys are not super exciting to me, but I looooove going for walks.  I have a couple of dogs […]

Adopted! Wings

Hi, I’m Wings!  I’m a 1 year old german shepherd mix boy.  I love attention and getting petted.  I’m friendly and smart and doing well with learning my basic obedience.  My favorite toy is a jolly ball.  I do well in playtime with the other dogs, although sometimes I can be a bit unsure of […]

Adopted! Clark Kent

Hi, my name is Clark Kent!  I’m disguised as a 1.5 year old black lab mix, but I’m secretly a super dog!  I’m a fun boy who likes playing with toys (no kryptonite please) and I do well with cats.  My hips aren’t good enough to let me be a service dog or to leap […]