Freedom Service Dogs enhances the lives of people with disabilities by rescuing dogs & custom training them for individual needs.


service dog assisting a woman in a wheelchairService dogs are specially-trained to help perform a multitude of tasks that increase the independence of their human partners. What was once impossible becomes possible.

Daily tasks such as transferring in and out of a wheelchair are a big part of the amazing work of service dogs.  People paired with service dogs show significant improvements psychologically, socially – even economically.  Each person and their dog gain the independence from each other that they never could have found by themselves.


Freedom Service Dogs help their clients in so many ways:

  • Retrieve and carry dropped objects
  • Push Lifeline or 911 button
  • service dog assisting a man in a wheelchairFind and retrieve phone
  • Find help
  • Retrieve items from refrigerator
  • Push handicap buttons
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Open and close doors
  • Enhance balance while walking
  • Enhance balance up and down stairs
  • Provide brace for transfers
  • Assist in pulling wheelchair
  • Retrieve adaptive equipment
  • Carry items in mouth or service packs
  • Specialized tasks such as tug shoes/socks or coat off, pull client upright from a reclining position and more.

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